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Know Your Restaurants.

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Know Your Restaurant's Health Score

Are the restaurants you eat in clean? Do they follow good practices? Diner's Guide™ provides you with up-to-date health score information.

Health Score

Get current and past health scores for over 250,000 restaurants. Over 1.3 million inspections.

Detailed Violations

We don't just give you the overall score, we give you (where available) the actual violations. Forgot to mop the floor or rat infestation; we want you to know.

Nearby or Far Away

Use your current location to show restaurants on a map or use the convenient list view. Or, use our convenient search feature to search far away.

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Many Uses

Diner's Guide™ is more than a simple replacement for the health score sheet in the window.

Compromised Health

Are you or a loved one pregnant, sick or otherwise immune compromised? The cleanliness of a restaurant can literally be a matter of life and death.

Going Out of Town

Research restaurants before you leave, using our search feature. Color coded icons make it easy to tell which restaurants meet your minimum standards.

Not Sure Where You Want to Eat Tonight

Diner's Guide™ is a great way to find what restaurants are around you. We have a much more comprehensive list of restaurants than ratings apps.

Can't Remember the Address

Our search feature makes it easy to find the address of that restaurant you are looking for. One click opens a map or gives driving directions.

Key features of our app

We have built in features to make you life easier.

Largest Database

Over 240,000 restaurants and 1.3 million inspections. New restaurants and inspections added constantly. Listings include your kid's school and your company cafeteria.


If you are visually oriented, you can use the map to search or browse.

List Mode

If maps are not your thing, pull up list mode and get a list of restaurants sorted by distance from your location or any other address.

Color Coded

Score and map icons are color coded based on your individual preferences. Green is acceptable and red means stay away.

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Awesome Features


Show nearby restaurants on a map or list by distance. Center on your current location or any address.


Don't rely on what we think is an acceptable score. Fully customize what you consider to be acceptable.



Search based on location, name, whether it meets you minimum criteria or any combination.


Feel confident that you are getting what you pay for. Download the app for free to make sure it works for you. Once you are ready pay $1.99 to get full access to all the information.

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